Psychic Development

 w/Jessica Dewberry, 2018

"Jessica has an incredible clairvoyant ability and answers every question you can come up with with effortless grace. She gets archetypal and symbolic images and interprets them with finesse in relation to your specific questions, giving you clarity, peace, and excitement about the amazing future that you are living into. I highly recommend booking a session with her - it could just change your life!" - Lars

Feb 1  &  8 | 7:30-9pm

Come learn about the upcoming psychic development classes, meet me, your host, Jessica Dewberry, psychic and visionary, and enjoy the company of like-minded seekers. Refreshments served + one lucky attendant will win a FREE 30-minute reading!

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Awakenings Wellness Center ~ Portland, Oregon

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You’ll learn how to set empathic boundaries, connect to your Higher Self and guides, and request, receive and interpret their guidance. You'll learn different deepening intuition techniques and explore cleansing options for your energetic (i.e aura, chakra system) and physical space. 

This class is for those who want to improve their decision making skills in all areas of life, become more comfortable in their own skin, learn how to take action from a soul-inspired place, and enhance their psychic receptivity. $60. 2-part class.

Upcoming Dates

Apr 26 & May 03   7:30-9pm

May 10 & May 17  7:30-9pm 

Psychic Communication 1

This class focuses on opening your lines of psychic communication. You’ll learn to ground your energy and get comfortable with your connection process. You’ll learn techniques to move your thinking mind out of the way. And you’ll  explore the different clairs, ways you best receive information, and practice bringing through evidence of your psychic connection. 

For this class, we work with tools, the universal energies of the elements and practice connecting to inanimate objects. Everyone is required to bring in their tool of choice and an object for practice. 

This class is for those who want to deepen their psychic abilities for themselves, to help others, or for their careers (i.e. medical, law enforcement).  You're strongly encouraged to have taken intuition building classes, meditation classes or done self-study prior to signing up. 2 in-person classes + 1-hour follow-up meeting online. $75.

Upcoming dates

Mar 08 & Mar 15  7:30-9pm  (online meeting TBD)

May 24 & May 31 7:30-9pm   (online meeting TBD)

Interested in all three classes?

Psychic Communication 2

Bundle Purchase = $200

This class focuses on communicating with the living - plants, animals and people. You’ll grow confident in providing evidence and interpreting information. You’ll learn the difference between lower and higher frequency readings, how to recognize and begin interpreting symbolic messages, and blending energies if and when dead-loved ones pop in for a visit during a reading. We’ll also discuss ethical practices and psychic integrity. 

Everyone's required to bring in a piece of a plant and a picture of an animal, and you’ll give and receive psychic readings to/from your peers. 

This class is for those who want to deepen their psychic abilities to help others, offer professional readings, or for their careers (i.e. medical, law enforcement). You're required to have taken Psychic Communication 1 or a similar class prior to signing up. 2 in-person classes + 1-hour follow-up meeting online. $95. 

Upcoming dates

Apr  5 & 12  7:30-9pm  (online meeting TBD)

June 7 & 14  7:30-9pm  (online meeting TBD)

Deepening Intuition

All intensives are a combo of discussion, meditation, exercises and practice. Bring a journal, a pen & expect homework!

Sign up for Deepening Intuition + Psychic Development 1 & 2 and receive 

 11 hours of class time total!

$30 off the purchase price!

All three classes: Separate Purchase = $230 

Msjdew      Intuitive

I'm Jessica Dewberry, a self-trained psychic and visionary, of Msjdew |Intuitive. I offer insights and professional services that help heal and shift our collective consciousness. 

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